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fighting drug addiction berrien county

In December 2014 a grandmother  who had lost her grandson to a heroin overdose called the Berrien County Sheriff to ask for his help to educate our community about opiate addiction.  She was interested in not only creating awareness of the ever increasing problem of heroin addiction, but also in bringing more resources to  this community and reducing the stigma families experience when a loved one becomes addicted.

By May 2015 a collaboration of individuals passionately concerned about drug addiction had formed.  They include parents of addicts, a youth, a minister, the clinical director of a local substance abuse treatment facility; and representatives of the Berrien County Health Department. The Berrien County Sheriff Department, the Michigan State Police, Lakeland Health and the Southwest Michigan Chapter of Families Against Narcotics.  The diversity reflected by these individuals is reflected  in the name they chose for this alliance:  “Voice.  Change.  Hope.”

Through Voice.Change.Hope. Alliance, we envision individuals will receive support to achieve a healthy recovery and no longer suffer the stigma of addiction.

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